Project Title

Data Collection Survey on Healthcare ICT for Supporting
COVID-19 Countermeasures in the World (QCBS)






Mar 2021-Mar 2022


Healthcare Policy

Type of Service

the Study for Data Collection



Information and communication technology (ICT) has been actively introduced to improve operational efficiency, reduce medical errors, and promote paperless medical practices. In addition, with the development of communication technology and networks, and the miniaturization and sophistication of terminals such as smartphones, large amounts of data can now be exchanged smoothly and easily accessed, which has led to the introduction of various forms of telemedicine. Also, many people are using smartphone applications for health management.
These digital health technologies are also effective in dealing with COVID-19, which is spread by droplet and contact infections, and the spread of COVID-19 has led to the rapid introduction of these ICTs in countries around the world, including developing countries, and the market scale is expanding. In each country, various ICTs are being developed to reduce the risk to healthcare workers and prevent the spread of infection, and accompanying deregulation is being promoted at a rapid pace. 
Based on the above-mentioned background, this survey aims to promote the digitalization of the health sector and the development of the digital health markets in developing countries, including the Republic of Indonesia, the Republic of Kenya, and the Federal Republic of Brazil, in order to solve healthcare issues including COVID-19. The objective of this project is to examine specific JICA’s support measures for the governments of Indonesia, Kenya and Brazil (Target countries), and for the private companies (Japanese, target country’s and other third country’s), involving collaboration and co-creation with various partners.
The member from PSD was responsible for developing JICA’s measure in Kenya including for supporting two Proof of Concepts in Kenya.