Project Title

Verification Survey with the Private Sector for Disseminating
Japanese Technologies for Electric Assist Bicycle (EAB) in Myanmar




Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) 


December 2018 – July 2020 


Chief Adviser



Foreign direct investment in Myanmar is mainly focused in the low value adding industries, such as garment, because development of supporting industries manufacturing metal and/or plastic parts is not matured. Thus, industrial clustering and sophistication is indispensable for further growth. Proposed EAB may provide the opportunity to gain the technology for develop and process the parts for motor bicycle and automobile with combustion engine. It may also provide the opportunity to study the basic knowledge and technology of electric and electronic parts for future development of electric tricycle and/ or electric four-wheeled vehicles, so that an industrial clustering and sophistication could be achieved. As manufacturing EAB needs labor intensive process, it is believed that international competitiveness can be realized.

In order to contribute to develop and upgrade supporting industries for transportation machinery in Myanmar, effectiveness of EAB is to be proved and methodology and issues for making EAB popular is to be clarified