Project Title

Project for improving maternal and child health services through
implementation of the Maternal and Child Health Handbook


Republic of Angola


Japan International Cooperation Agency


May 2017 – June 2018


Coordinator / Impact evaluation /Training coordination 1



Due to decades of colonial rule followed by a prolonged civil war (1975-2002), the Republic of Angola (hereinafter referred to as “Angola”) continues to face multiple socio-economic difficulties. Among these difficulties, ensuring the health of mothers and children is the most pressing need. Poor quality of health services due to a chronic shortage of well-trained health workers and inefficient management of the health system due to the malfunctioning of the referral system have exacerbated the country’s challenging health situation. In response to a request from the government of Angola, ProFORSA

「The Project for Strengthening the Health System through Human Resources Development in Josina Machel Hospital and other Health Facilities and Revitalization of Primary Health Care in Angola」was implemented from 2011 to 2014. As one of the inputs of ProFORSA, the Maternal and Child Health Handbook (MCH Handbook) was introduced with the expectation that its use would expand nationwide.

In order to strengthen the capacity of health workers through strengthening the management and monitoring function, and training activities at each medical level, implementation of the project began in May 2017.